Twitter to Begin Blocking Some Sexual Content in 2020

Twitter is becoming the latest social media platform to crackdown on NSFW content, as it plans to introduce new community guidelines in the new year.

The policies are not expected to be as strict as some of its competitors because sexual content will still be tolerated if it is marked as ‘sensitive media’. 

However Twitter is planning to ban accounts that are dedicated purely to posting ‘sensitive media’, therefore making it almost impossible for adult entertainers to make a living from the platform.

Everything that is considered to be “violent sexual content” or “gratuitous gore” will be blocked, regardless of any flagging or if the actions are real or fake.

According to The Next Web, the new Twitter guidelines to be released on 1st January read: “We prohibit violent sexual conduct to prevent the normalization of sexual assault and non-consensual violence associated with sexual acts. We prohibit gratuitous gore content because research has shown that repeated exposure to violent content online may negatively impact an individual’s wellbeing.

“For these reasons, you can’t share images or videos that depict violent sexual conduct or gratuitous gore on Twitter.”

Some creators have voiced their concerns that the update is kink-shaming individuals who enjoy BDSM, or that some of the unspecific wording might lead to content being taken down incorrectly.

Tumblr banned all forms of adult content at the end of last year, after claims of child pornography being posted led to it getting removed from the App Store. The move hit the adult community particularly hard as Tumblr was considered to be one of its most popular platforms.

A couple of months ago, Facebook and Instagram announced it would be banning emojis and emoji strings that implied sexual acts.

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