London-Based App Quinn Uses AI Tech To Create A Unique Profile-Building Experience


The rapid developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning technology have become a huge talking point within the online dating space, as companies look for new ways to innovate and remain relevant in a growingly saturated market.

At GDI’s European conference earlier this month, a number of top industry executives tipped AI as the next big trend within the industry, noting the obvious potential this type of technology offers dating companies looking to create an automated application.

One new platform already looking to capitalise on online dating’s growing interest in AI is Quinn, a recently-launched mobile app which acts as a personal matchmaker for each of its users.

Quinn – which stands for Questions and Insights – was founded by London-based Australian natives Dan Joyce and Jared Mooring, alongside the same team that launched friend-of-a-friend dating platform My Mate Your Date back in 2014.

The app gets to know every user by asking them up to eight questions each day, all of which are selected from its library of over 200 questions using AI, in order to work out which questions are the most fitting to ask at that time.

Quinn will then use the answers to build a detailed understanding of each person’s individual values, views, skills, life experiences and preferences, matching them with other users accordingly – on a typical day, Quinn will generate up to five matches per user.

When asked why they chose to create a platform like this, and whether he saw it as an opportunity to make the profile-building process of dating apps more enjoyable, Joyce said: “More than that!

“Through our conversational interface Quinn builds a deep user relationship over time rather than requiring users to fill in a tenuous profile.

“And when users are viewing Quinn’s matches they don’t just see a single photo or a flat profile, instead Quinn shows all the reasons why they’re a great pairing – e.g. shared life experiences, friends in common, compatible lifestyles, shared values.

“Quinn mimics the way two people might be introduced in real life.”

Joyce also noted that Quinn’s extensive use of AI solves some of the key areas of weakness within the profile-building methods used by many dating apps, particularly in terms of creating a personalised experience, and learning exactly what type of connections each user is looking for.

He said: “Social discovery apps like Tinder, Happn, Bumble are designed to be lightweight, shallow and casual – there is no ‘goal alignment’ for new users so they attract users across the spectrum, whether looking for a flirt, a hook-up, a relationship or an affair!

“This works well for the more casual end of the market but of course proves frustrating for more genuine relationship seekers. Quinn is firmly targeting genuine relationship seekers.”

In addition to AI, the app also adopts another emerging industry trend, by using bots to create a more conversational product that can engage with users across a range of platforms.

The app is currently available to download for free from the iOS App Store, however its creators are looking to implement premium features before the end of the year.

Over the next year, its developers are also looking to further improve Quinn’s AI capability, expanding to other bot platforms such as Messenger, and optimising its matching algorithms.

To find out more about the app, check out the video below: