Tinder Sociologist Reveals The Research Behind The Matches

Tinder Sociologist

Fast Company recently caught up with Tinder’s sociologist Jessica Carbino for an interesting new interview.

Carbino was hired by the app to look at user behaviour and trends, before feeding the results back into the app to help it improve its matching system and UI.

As she explains to Fast Company: “My job is to understand user behaviour and then use that understanding to create a better experience for users.

“I employ several methodological approaches that I was trained in while doing my doctorate at UCLA to understand user behaviour ranging from surveys, focus groups, content analysis.

“All of these methods provide me with a different perspective of how the product should be oriented toward our users.

The sociologist speaks about how Tinder collects this user data and behavioural insights, and how the company has specifically used it to improve the product with features like Super Like, as well as for its premium service Tinder Plus.

Check out the full interview here.