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How To Ensure Your Online Dating Business Is Not Negatively Impacted By Google’s Updated Adult Content Policy

This month, Google is updating its Adult content policy. If you’re already complying with Google’s current policy you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. But, working with White Label Dating, you can strategically (and confidently) plan your marketing campaigns to eliminate the concerns and vulnerabilities that can come from advertising your casual dating brands on Google’s advertising platforms, whilst generating a better ROI from each member that you acquire.

This article is relevant to you if:

  • You actively run Google campaigns for casual dating brands
  • You run Google campaigns for mainstream brands in the same Google Ads account as your casual brands
  • You run mainstream brands that demonstrate sexually suggestive content
  • You want to run a sustainable, profitable dating business!


Google’s Adult Content Policy

Google will begin enforcing the policy update on 29th March 2021 and ramp up enforcement over approximately 4 weeks. We recently outlined a summary of the changes and how to avoid this impacting your campaigns here

Here’s a quick summary to remind you what is changing:

  • Renamed to Sexual Content Policy
  • Non-family safe ads will become ‘moderately restricted’ ads
  • Categories with be broken down for ease of understanding

What are the risks?

If you are running multiple dating sites from one Google account, you are more at risk. If your Google account is suspended, all ads in this account will stop running and Google will no longer accept advertising from the account – even if you have compliant mainstream ads in there.

As Google regularly refines and updates its policies, particularly those with adult themes, there is always an underlying risk that your casual dating brand promotion may be limited or stopped. An ad or landing page may be compliant now, but what happens if Google restricts sexual dating themes altogether?

Wouldn’t it be great to confidently run an online dating portfolio without the worry? Here’s how…

The opportunity

Step 1. 

Acquire members risk-free via Google for your mainstream brands.

Mainstream dating sites are the solid foundation of any online dating portfolio. Being a widespread, socially accepted market, you can be confident that this niche will always be supported by Google’s advertising platforms. This means you’ll always celebrate sustainable traffic and revenues – without the risk that your casual brands, being advertised on Google, may bring. 

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t run a casual dating brand…

Step 2.

Grow your casual dating portfolio for free, with White Label Dating, through the implementation of a lucrative cross-sell strategy (we do all the hard work for you!)

You can promote your casual brands, for free via your mainstream White Label Dating sites, as part of a comprehensive cross-sell strategy! 

Don’t just stop at marketing your broad casual brands. You can cross-sell even further to generate even greater ROIs by sending members to your own niche dating sites too, for example Over 50sChristian, Kink and BBW.

With a diverse niche portfolio you will effectively be able to acquire a member once, then have several opportunities to monetise them! It’s a no brainer!


  • Monetise non-converted members from your mainstream sites – waste less spend
  • Double (even triple) monetise your acquired members to maximise ROI and profits
  • Build and grow a diverse, low risk, sustainable dating portfolio!

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