8 Things We Learned At iDate 2015


  1. eHarmony doesn’t consider Tinder a threat. Grant Langston, eHarmony’s VP of Customer Experience, said: “I may live to regret saying this, but we currently see Tinder as a help for the whole category”.
  2. The CEO of Snap Interactive, Cliff Lerner, said they analysed figures on their new app The Grade, and found that women liked men 8% of the time, and 50% vice versa.
  3. Oasis founder and CEO Dave Heysen said that while iOS dominates in Australia, Android has risen incredibly fast in the last quarter of 2014, making up 66.5% of all new smartphones bought.
  4. This is the difference between worldwide mobile and desktop traffic, according to ComScore:
  5. Snap Interactive’s Cliff Lerner said this story about Gillette and Tinder working together was very significant for mobile dating monetisation.
  6. Tom Kershaw, Product Management lead for Google Cloud, said “everything you guys will be doing in three years will be running on containers” in his talk on big data and dating. He also said Snapchat’s use of Google Cloud was the main reason they were able to grow so quickly.
  7. This graph, shared by Mark Brooks in his state of the industry presentation, shows Tinder’s dominance in the mobile dating landscape:
  8. Steve Baker, FTC Midwest Region Director, said Australian police believe that the number of suicides related to romance scams is higher than the total number of murders in Australia.