AI Integrated VR Headset can ‘Accurately Predict’ Tinder Swipes

Virtual reality

Looxid Labs has created a virtual reality headset that can predict a user’s Tinder swipes using machine learning.

The device was exhibited at HTC’s recent Vive X accelerator program showcase.

Looxid modified an HTC VR headset to integrate brainwave scanning and eye tracking, and created a machine learning algorithm to interpret the data.

The technology “analyzes the movement of the wearer’s eyes and brain activity, while also tracking which features a given user tends to find attractive”, reports Android Headlines.

The Wareable journalist who tried the headset described its mechanism: “As I made my selections, the headset read my brain waves to try and work out what types of faces I find attractive.

“In the second phase I was given a whole new selection of people, but with each swipe it told me whether it had correctly predicted which way I’d swipe with a percentage. It got it right every time, and the margin of error got smaller the more I swiped.

“I’d been busted. I was then show a readout of my brain activity, a guilty look inside my thought process. It was kind of weird.”

The applications of brainwave and eye movement scanning include the possibility of brainwave-based communication.

Elon Musk’s Neuralink is one high profile firm currently exploring the space.

Looxid is looking to make brainscan-enabled VR headsets commercially available this summer, pricing the products at around $3500.

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