Amazon Creating Wearable Tech to Detect Human Emotions

Amazon is developing on a piece of wearable technology intended to detect human emotions, according to a set of patents obtained by Bloomberg.

The new voice-activated smartwatch is designed to keep track of the wearer’s emotions by analysing their vocal patterns. It is being created by the Alexa voice software team and in collaboration with Lab126, who have previously worked on the Echo smart speaker.

The device also aims to be able to recognise “abnormal emotional conditions”, such as illness.

It’s hoped that by analysing a user’s speech and emotions in various social situations, it could one day advise them on how to interact better and form stronger relationships.

There is no set schedule for when the hardware will be available to the public but it is currently in a secretive beta testing phase.

Some commentators are suggesting that it could be used to produce targeted advertising for the user based on what they have been talking about with friends. This is highlighted as a potential security risk, as the e-commerce giant may end up storing data from sensitive conversations.

Last month, eharmony renewed its own patent for wearable dating technology. The device is designed to let singles check out dating profiles and match while on the move, sending them vibrating alerts when they receive a message or make a new connection.

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Dominic Whitlock

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