App Developers Form a ‘Union’ in Response to Apple Policies

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The iOS App Store is approaching its tenth anniversary, and app developers are still arguing for better App Store policies.

The app developers are calling for policies which allow them to make a better living as independent app makers, and now a small group of these developers are forming a union to stand up to make this change.

In an open letter to Apple that was published last week, ‘The Developers Union’ wrote: “It’s been difficult for developers to earn a living by writing software” built on Apple’s existing policies and values.

The letter then asked if Apple would allow free trials for apps, which could potentially give costumers “the chance to experience our work for themselves, before they have to commit to making a purchase.”

There is reportedly no official strategy in place and no membership requirements.

The union also apparently have a goal of reaching 1,000 members this week and to hit 20,000 sign ups by early June.

Product designer Loren Morris, who is helping to lead the union, said: “It’s a non-union union in a way. I’m not super interested in creating a traditional union; I’m more interested in bringing the voice of indies back into the spotlight and this is a step in that direction.”

Software developer Roger Ogden, who is also helping to lead, added: “We might eventually incorporate voting on certain things, but right now it’s really about the unification of developers.”

‘The Developers Union’ has the end goal of being allowed to offer free trials for all apps, without any barriers that may make people stop trying them.

The open letter states that the union is also planning to “advocate for a more reasonable revenue cut.”

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