Badoo Android Engineer Speaks at droidcon London

Zsolt Kocsi, Android engineer at Badoo, gave a session on time travel debugging at droidcon London 2018. The talk is now available online.

Time travel debugging allows engineers to travel backwards and forwards through source code to inspect and modify elements. This can be done while the code is running, giving a clearer picture of how programs are executed.

Kosci begins by introducing Badoo’s architecture, touching on the back end of the app’s subscriptions as an example.

He then explains how a time travel debugger can be used to examine the different components of the architecture that make up the consumer experience.

This is followed by a demonstration, using a simple app with coloured buttons and a cat image.

Kosci records himself using the app, explaining that it’s possible to record the entire sequence of backend events and then play these back selectively.

The event ran across 25-26th October at the Business Design Centre in London.

Find the talk here.

Scott Harvey

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