BlueCity Launches ‘Mr. Heer’ Range of Men’s Health Products

He Health, BlueCity’s online medical service for men, has announced the launch of a new consumer brand dedicated to male personal care and sexual health products.

The ‘Mr. Heer’ product line includes condoms, lubricants and wet wipes designed to offer extra protection and stimulation during sexual activity. All items are presented in discreet packaging to maintain the anonymity of consumers.

The new range complements the He Health service by offering vital items alongside online sexual health consultation and treatment. In China, the specific health needs of men, especially among the LGBTQ community, have not been sufficiently addressed, due to issues surrounding privacy protection and low awareness.

Baoli Ma, the founder, CEO and chairman of BlueCity, said in a statement: “With Mr. Heer, we seek to build a consumer health brand that can meet the requirements of modern men, by providing quality, discreet care that ensures peace of mind.

“In the future, Mr. Heer will continue to leverage BlueCity’s resources to explore the multi-faceted needs of male users when it comes to their everyday health, sexual health, and personal skincare. In doing so, we seek to enhance our understanding of our users and offer them relevant, beneficial products, services, and experiences as part of our comprehensive focus on overall male health.”

In April, He Health obtained a license to establish a medical institution in China and started to provide consultation, treatment and prescription on a variety of issues. These include erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, as well as HIV testing and prevention.

BlueCity released a variety of materials on World Mental Health Day to educate its LGBTQ members about their mental wellbeing and guide them to local organisations if they need help.

Visit the BlueCity website here.

Dominic Whitlock

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