Dating Apps Interested in Linking ‘Digital Health Passports’ to Profiles

A number of dating apps have reached out to a cyber-security firm over the possibility of adding ‘digital health passports’ to user profiles.

VST Enterprises is working on the technology that would allow a healthcare professional to upload the results of a government-approved COVID-19 test to the ‘passport’. It’s hoped that it will help people know who they are interacting with as lockdown restrictions get lifted.

It’s reported that “several leading dating companies” are interested in linking this technology to singles’ dating accounts, so they can feel confident about going on offline dates again.

Companies from other sectors, including air travel and live entertainment, are also keeping a close eye on this development.

CEO of VST Enterprises Louis-James Davis explained to Verdict: “We firmly believe that the digital health passport alongside government-approved testing kits is the key to removing the lockdown restrictions in a gradual and controlled way. 

“The current technology being trialed using bluetooth and proximity apps is fundamentally flawed because of its privacy issues of real time tracking, the security and data breaches which we are already seeing and being reported and the reticence for citizens to uptake and download the tracing app.”

Despite being based in Manchester, VST Enterprises is yet to finalise a deal with the UK government.

It will initially be distributed to 15 countries around the world, including the US, France, Spain, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates.

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Dominic Whitlock

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