Deloitte Survey Shows the Smartphone is America’s Favourite Device

According to a new survey from Deloitte, smartphones are still Americans’ most preferred way to access the internet.

85% of participants said they owned a smartphone, a figure that has risen three percentage points in the last year. More people own smartphones than laptops (77%), desktop computers (57%), tablets (57%) and smartwatches (14%).

On average, smartphone users view their device 52 times a day, and 60% of 18-34 year olds think they spend too much time on it.

Android Pie, the latest version of Google’s Android operating system, has digital wellbeing controls which allow consumers to cap the time they are on specific programs. Facebook and Instagram have also implemented similar restraints on their mobile apps.

70% of the respondents admitted they “occasionally” use their personal devices for work purposes, even after-hours. 

Deloitte Vice Chairman Kevin Westcott said in a statement: “This year’s survey really advances the story of smartphones as the true center of our lives, both inside and outside the home.

“While interest in other mobile technologies – is there, the smartphone remains the go-to device for consumers, enabling them to do anything they desire: communicate, work, socialize, consume entertainment, stay fit or take care of things at home.”

The 2017 report found consumers believed WiFi was performing better than 4G. This could contribute to the fact that 60% of participants in 2018 stated the introduction of 5G internet is “important”.

The UK government has released plans that indicate most of the country will be provided with a 5G network by 2030.

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Dominic Whitlock

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