‘Digisexual’ Numbers Grow as AI Improves has been exploring the rise of digisexuality, and how it might be recognised as a more mainstream orientation in the future.

The digisexual label currently refers to individuals who are attracted to and engage in relationships with sex robots or other forms of technology. However, the sex researchers who coined the term believe it could even include individuals who are addicted to online dating or pornography.

Dr. Markie Twist explained to “Those who engage in first wave digisexual activities like watching online porn or online dating (for example) most likely do not consider themselves digisexuals.

“Those who do and/or will engage in second wave digisexual activities like sex with robots may consider themselves a digisexual.

“Their primary engagement with sex tech is the engagement with the technology itself – not as a mediator for human connection/partners. In other words, their orientation is to the technology itself not to humans.”

The recent advancement of AI could lead to people having easy and cheap access to a virtual partner that messages them, sends pictures and comments on their social media posts. There’s even speculation that dating apps could be created for humans to swipe through AI generated profiles, while the bots also do the same.

Dr. Neil McArthur estimates that 3% of the world’s population will class themselves as digisexual by the year 2050.

Research from the New York Post found that 28% of men under the age of 30 haven’t had sex in the past year.

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Dominic Whitlock

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