DM Cubed LTD Completes New Global Affiliate Marketing Industry Report

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DM Cubed LTD has completed a new report on the global affiliate marking industry, which has some interesting results for online dating.

DM Cubed LTD specialises in software development for online dating websites and dating apps. The company develops and runs their own private portfolio of products. The CEO and Founder, David Minns, is an experienced engineer and entrepreneur.

Minns’ company surveyed 1,754 members of the public who use online social networks to determine the state of the industry with respect to affiliate marketing.

The report summarised results on several sectors: dating, discounts, freebies, finance, gambling, gaming, health, retail, surveys and travel.

Within the report, it discovered that dating came out on top as the most lucrative niche and the sector that makes affiliates the most money.

Dating also came as number one for the best media and banners.

87% of affiliates within the dating industry claimed to prefer to work directly with the company and not via a broker – more than in any other sector.

Although the dating niche was successful within these areas, the sector came out as the least trusted by affiliates, with a low percentage of 33%.

DM Cubed LTD also asked existing affiliates if they thought the reporting tools for their sector were good enough, and it discovered that dating again came last within those results.

The report discussed what affiliates are using to drive traffic to their affiliate banners and links, finding social media was the most popular for the dating sector.

Overall, in most sectors the split between social media and paid advertising was very close. Affiliates rated social media as the predominantly most effective marketing method with 43%, paid advertising with 32%, organic search with 18% and PR and News with a significantly lower 7%.

Read the full report here.

Chloe Gay

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