Domestic Abuse Campaign Launches on Tinder

A new awareness campaign from Police Scotland is set to launch on dating app Tinder and social media platforms. The campaign is aimed at young men and highlights how their behaviour may lead to domestic abuse. 

Launching today, the campaign will carry on through the festive period, a time where police see increased levels of domestic abuse reports. You can watch the campaign’s video here.

The awareness campaign highlights toxic behaviours that are abusive and could signal further, more dangerous abuse in the future. “Stopping your new partner seeing friends, checking their phone, demeaning them, is neither caring nor romantic. These are controlling, abusive behaviours”, explains Assistant Chief Constable Bex Smith.

“In the campaign, we are asking men to reflect on how they behave. If they see themselves and their behaviour in this campaign, then they need to take a hard look at themselves and get help”, she continues.

“Domestic abuse comes in many forms, and it’s not always obvious at the start of a relationship, but there can be early signs of attempts to control and coerce. And we know from victims that it is these psychological, controlling and coercive behaviours that often have the most lasting impact”, Assistant Chief Constable Smith says.

If men see behaviours they recognise in themselves, the campaign provides a link to a website to help them seek help.