Google Maps Launches Group Planning Functionality


Google Maps has announced the addition of functionality that will enable users to plan events together as groups.

The feature has users submit their venue suggestions for an event to a group of friends, who then vote on the suggestions.

It comes along with a host of new features designed to take the product beyond directions. A statement reads:

“Google Maps will become more assistive and personal with new features that help you figure out what to eat, drink, and do–no matter what part of the world you’re in.

“So say goodbye to endless scrolling through lists of recommended restaurants or group texts with friends that never end in a decision on where to go.

“The next time you’re exploring somewhere new, getting together with friends, or hosting out-of-towners in your own city, you can use Google Maps to make quick decisions and find the best spots.”

Another feature will show a compatibility rating between a user and a restaurant. The rating, expressed as a percentage, takes into account factors like reviews and previous venues.

Google are appearing at today’s GDI London Conference, hosting a session which begins at 2.00 pm.

The talk is titled: “User Acquisition for Dating Apps with Google”.

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Scott Harvey

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