Google Takes Down Gay Dating App From Indonesia App Store


Google has decided to take down one of the world’s top gay dating apps from the Indonesian version of its online store.

Jakarta has revealed that it is in response to government demands, amid a recent crackdown on the LGBT community.

Officials had called for Google to remove a total of 73 LGBT-related applications (which included dating services) from its Play Store and then went on to encourage people to avoid apps which broke cultural norms within the Muslim-majority nation.

It was earlier confirmed that gay dating platform Blued has been removed from the Google Play Store.

A communications ministry spokesman, Noor Iza, said: “There was some negative content related to pornography inside the application. Probably one or some members of the application put the pornographic content inside.”

However, Blued is still available to be downloaded on Apple’s online store.

Homosexuality and gay sex are legal in Indonesia, except in the conservative Aceh province which is governed by Islamic law.

However, same-sex relationships are frowned upon and public displays of affection between gay couples are extremely uncommon.

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