Grindr may have Shared the HIV Status of Users

Grindr has reportedly been found to be sharing its users’ immune status with an external company.

The Norwegian Consumer Council is considering reporting Grindr after an investigation was carried out between national Swedish broadcaster SVT and the Norwegian research institute SINTEF.

The disclosure is a possible violation of EU rules, and is prompting concern across Scandinavia and the continent.

The investigation discovered that the personal data the users are submitting about themselves, including their gender, age, sexual preferences and, most importantly, their HIV status, is being transmitted unencrypted.

The personal data can be easily accessed by hackers, and the information about the users’ HIV status was found to be being shared with an external company based in the United States.

Current EU legislation states that it requires the protection of and handling of personal data once it has been moved outside of Europe.

The Swedish National Association for Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Rights has stated that sensitive data such as this should never be shared. The information may put users at risk in many parts of the world.

RFSL acting chairman Magnus Kolsjö told SVT: “There is no need to share very sensitive information such as sexual orientation, gender identity and HIV status. I think that is irresponsible.”

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Chloe Gay

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