happn Aims to Create More Meaningful Connections Than Tinder


Leaders from happn have been explaining how their product model differs from Tinder’s and why they believe it makes more meaningful relationships.

Singles that users cross paths with appear on their happn timeline and they have the opportunity to say whether or not they’re interested.

They can also save a profile on their homepage if they want to make a decision in the future.

However, Tinder users must immediately swipe left or right on the other person. Critics of the app say that this gamified version of dating is bad for relationships and treats people like they are disposable.

happn CEO Didier Rappaport told Trusted Reviews: “On Tinder, as you’re obliged to say yes or no [to every profile], you trigger a lot of wrong matches – but not a lot of real discussion between people.”

Eugénie Legendre, head of communications at happn, continued: “On Tinder it’s so easy – swiping is just like a game, it’s not real. People don’t take the time to look at each profile.”

“People are not products, and on apps like Tinder – people are just things that you can choose to speak with or not – and you don’t do this in real life. This is not human or social behaviour.”

As part of a redesign in 2016, Hinge stopped its members from swiping. Instead, it now focuses on story profiles to offer a more serious form of dating.

happn has just released a new interactive mapping feature so users can easily find potential crushes from specific locations they’ve visited, rather than scrolling through their timeline.

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