India Sees 398% Jump in Active Dating App Users

According to the most recent Global Mobile Consumer Trends Report, India has experienced a significant rise in the use of dating apps in Q2 2020.

The industry-wide 398% increase in active users translates to an additional one million single users. 

The country also saw a 413% jump in downloads by new users. This report by MoEngage and Apptopia, which tracks movements in Q2 vs Q1, observes that the global rise in download of social media apps in was 9.72%.

Comparatively, India was the only region where downloads in Q2 reduced as compared to Q1. However, daily active users stayed positive at 2%.

The report identifies data patterns of 1.5 billion mobile app users spread across 5 different geographical regions. Data in this specific report reflects consumer confidence trends in different industries in Q2 2020.

India also saw a rise in downloads for gaming, fitness and ecommerce apps, but was again the only geography that saw a fall in downloads in the banking sector.

With regards to mobility apps, India witnessed an upward trend in downloads by 4.76% while it also posted a strong 15.52% increase in travel and hospitality.

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