Indian OkCupid Users Move Away From Traditional Gender Roles

New data from OkCupid is showing that Indian millennials are continuing to move away from traditional gender and relationship expectations.

72% of users in the country said that “old-fashioned” gender roles have no place in their lives anymore. For example, they don’t believe women should be in charge of household chores or expected to change their names.

The majority also don’t think the main purpose of marriage is to reproduce as 89% would still enter a serious relationship even if their partner couldn’t have children. They are instead much more open to exploring other conception options.

Brand Manager of OkCupid India Shruti Gupta added in a statement: “In 21st century India, with greater access to education and opportunity, women and men are questioning limiting gender roles. 

“As the first generation of Indians to seek financial independence before marriage, have access to global ideas, and the opportunity to pursue dreams unlimited by geography, Indian millennials have a clear idea of who they are and what they want from life. 

“The loosening of social strictures around gendered roles in relationships is reflected nowhere more clearly than on dating apps.”

Last week, OkCupid published a month-by-month breakdown of the platform’s 2019 activity in India. June was celebrated as Pride Month and 82% of heterosexual female users think it is time that same-sex marriage is legalised.

August saw the launch of the ‘Find My Kind’ marketing campaign which encouraged users to take control of their own dating life rather than being set up by their family and friends.

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