LemonSwan Founder Arne Kahlke in Interview

Lemon Swan

ElitePartner founder Arne Kahlke has interviewed on a range of topics with, notably outlining his vision for new venture LemonSwan.

Kahlke highlighted the fact Germany has 23 million single people, including 2.7 million single parents.

This, he believes, increases the risk of poverty in old age and puts strain on the housing market.

With LemonSwan, he is hoping to create a platform that brings serious dating to a wide population at an affordable price.

Kahlke notes how 75% of singles in Germany want a solid partnership, and brands like ElitePartner have only been able to slightly impact this statistic.

LemonSwan will be ‘100% free’ for single parents, students and trainees, and will look to go deeper into the intricacies of connection than ‘profile picture swiping’.

Regarding the challenges faced by startup businesses, Kahlke said finding top employees was one of the hardest things to do.

After experiencing a high turnover of Berlin-based developers, he turned to offshoring. This global approach is something he recommends others consider.

He also suggests that other founders think early about the profitability of their business. This is something that can sometimes be overlooked when the focus is on the idea, Kahlke suggests.

Closing the interview, he notes that he has chosen an international name for LemonSwan in the hope that he will be able to expand it beyond the German-speaking world.

Read the full interview here (German).

Scott Harvey

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