90-Year-Old Great-Grandmother is the Face of Jewish Dating Platform JDate

Bea Slater, a 90-year-old great-grandmother, is the latest face of Jewish dating platform JDate.

The New Jersey lady has never modelled or acted before but her face is now online, on billboards and bus shelters up and down Manhattan and in Brooklyn.

Ms Slater explained: “It’s a funny story as to how I was even cast. My son Mitch is a Bruce Springsteen fan, and he wanted to take me to a Steve Van Zandt concert on Staten Island. He came over one Sunday and he brought me a T-shirt to wear to the show.”

Ms Slater’s son filmed her in the T-shirt talking about the concert and put the video on Facebook. Van Zandt saw it and asked Mitch if his mother would like to introduce him at his concert.

She added: “I thought ‘why not, it might be fun’. He wrote me a little script and I was worried I would get it wrong but Stevie was really cool. He told me, ‘don’t worry, you’ll be fine’.”

The video of Ms Slater on stage to a huge crowd went viral, and a casting director looking for Jewish grandmothers to appear in JDate’s new advertising campaign.

Ms Slater spoke about the audition: “There were all these older ladies in the room. I think I was the oldest. They said they had seen my video and loved it. It was really funny. I hadn’t worked in years. I used to be a photographer before I had children but I had never done any modelling or acting.”

As part of the JDate campaign, she and three women were used to sell the idea that JDate is like a “yenta” and to do with working out the site’s algorithms to find their perfect match.

In one of the adverts it shows Ms Slater working hard on a laptop, with the tag line reading: “Her dreidel game is filthy. But her code is clean.”

Ms Slater explains that the world of dating has changed since she met her late husband 72 years ago. She said: “Now it is all so instant. I think online dating is fine if people are true about who they say they are. You do have to be careful I think. I have grandchildren who tell me about these things.”

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