Man Arrested For Continually Threatening OkCupid CEO

A 47-year-old man from Massachusetts has been arrested for allegedly sending nine threatening letters to OkCupid CEO Ariel Charytan.

Liam MacLeod was banned from the dating platform in September 2017 for repeatedly violating terms of service, which prompted him to begin his attack.

The letters were sent to OkCupid’s headquarters in Dallas, Texas, despite Charytan being based at the company’s New York City offices.

His first letter was sent the day after he was blacklisted and read: “Greeting from Beverly. Ban me will ya. Welcome to the wonderful world of ANTHRAX. Expect a package within the next couple of days. It won’t be ticking but it should be interesting!”

He also claimed that his father used to be member of the motorcycle gang Hells Angels, and that Charytan’s vehicles were under threat.

Suspicious substances were included with several of the packages, including white powder and a red-brown substance which MacLeod described as blood infected with the AIDS virus. All of the substances were tested by hazmat respondents and found not to be dangerous.

MacLeod was charged with conveying false information and hoaxes, and mailing threatening communications.

These charges carry prison sentences of up to five years and ten years respectively. He was due to appear in Boston Federal Court yesterday.

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Dominic Whitlock

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