Match Group and IAC Hire Prominent Lawyer Ahead of Tinder Founder Trial

Match Group and IAC have hired a notable lawyer to defend the companies in the lawsuit with Sean Rad and his team of Tinder founders.

Bill Carmody joining the case is a strong indication that the suit is expected to go to trial in the next few weeks. He has worked on a number of high profile cases and is usually brought on board just in time to face the courts.

This includes winning a $480 million settlement for WeWork and representing Uber during a clash with an autonomous car company.

The Tinder lawsuit has been ongoing for more than three years. Rad accused Match Group and IAC executives of undervaluing its leading dating app in order to pay out less on early employee stock options.

There are also strong accusations that sexual misconduct allegations against former Match CEO Greg Blatt were covered up. However, this was dismissed after no sufficient evidence to connect the two cases was brought forward.

Four plaintiffs were also forced to withdraw after it was revealed that they’d signed arbitration agreements as part of their respective contracts.

Rad has hired Orin Snyder as the litigator for the Tinder founders. Snyder is one of the most prominent tech lawyers, having previously represented Facebook, Apple and Goldman Sachs.

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Dominic Whitlock

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