Mobile Game Crosses Online Dating With Mythological Demons

A new mobile game has put an interesting spin on online dating by replacing modern singles with demonic beasts.

Demon House of Dates is based on the web comic ‘Demon House’, and the documentary horror film of the same name. Players create their own character and use ‘Sinder’ to set up dates in an attempt to find a creature to spend the rest of eternity with.

After matching with the genderless beings, users can choose emojis to dictate what kind of interaction they would like to have, from a one-night-stand to a serious relationship.

They then have one in-app week to get as much out of the pairing as they can, depending on what goals they have set.

Mashable had early access to the beta version of the game, and found it to be interesting but repetitive.

Writer Jess Joho said: “Demon House of Dates has far too little dialogue options, choices, and branching paths, often repeating exchanges and not doing much to tailor dates to your preferred demon bae’s personality.

“Once you’ve gone through even just two beaus, it feels like you’ve seen most of the potential interactions apart from a few hidden ones – [but] that’s not to say Demon House of Dates isn’t a great concept with lots of worthwhile funny moments.”

The free game is currently only available on the iOS App Store and is monetised through numerous pop-up adverts. However, an ad-free version is available for $2.99.

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Dominic Whitlock

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