New Cryptocurrency Gives Investors Exclusive Access to Dating and Social App

Owners of a new Hungarian cryptocurrency have exclusive access to a community-run dating and social platform.

‘Millionstarter’ ($MST) is currently in its private sale phase, which is scheduled to last until the end of November. Holders of the coin are able to use the accompanying social network, an uncensored platform that is designed to support complete freedom of speech.

It has a specific dating interface to match people for romantic relationships, as well as a more general ‘Meet’ section for users to pursue platonic and professional connections.

Founder of Millionstarter Renátó Bándli said in a statement: “Unlike most of the cryptocurrencies already present in the Hungarian market, ours is backed by an established background. We reinvest most of our token sales back into the development of the app and website.

“The token itself is the driving force behind our app, Social Q: this is a decentralized, premium social/connection building network powered by $MST token holders. Here, no company will have a say in the management of the site, no excluded profiles or blocked content.”

Millionstarter is currently priced at just three cents, with a minimum buy order of $110. Bándli is confident of attracting investors and users from countries outside of Hungary.

While the pursuit of freedom of speech is a positive venture, issues could arise if illegal or explicitly offensive content is posted. Companies will also have the opportunity to buy advertising space which could present a conflict of interests.

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