Pairs Hosts Virtual Dating Event With Asahi Breweries

Pairs has teamed up with Japanese alcohol drinks manufacturer Asahi Breweries, Ltd. to celebrate the launch of its latest beverage.

‘Beery’ is a new type of low-alcohol beer that only has a 0.5% alcohol content. It is targeted at people who enjoy the taste of traditional Asahi and the social aspects of drinking, without the negative side effects.

On Saturday, 4th September, Pairs brought together more than 400 singles for a virtual matching event to help them get to know each other. Every participant was sent some Beery samples in advance so they can toast and play the (low alcohol) drinking games.

Only Pairs users over the age of 20 who had already obtained an identity verification badge were allowed to register for the event.

They were separated into two groups, those who enjoy drinking alcohol and those who do not. The idea was to determine whether drinking preference is a practical sign of compatibility.

The event was hosted entirely over Zoom which allowed the singles to talk as part of a larger group, but to also break away for smaller, more intimate conversations.

After the event concluded, all participants were able to view the dating profiles of the other attendees and send in-app likes to the ones they felt a true connection with. It’s hoped that by talking face-to-face over video first, matches will be able to skip the awkward messaging stage and really focus on connections that have a potential future.

Earlier this year, Pairs added a ‘Community Chat’ feature which allows users to interact with people who share similar interests, without needing to match first.

Visit the Pairs website here.