Paktor Updates ‘Boost’ and ‘Photo Picks’ Features

Paktor has released an update to its Boost feature and has rolled it out to all iOS and Android users.

Boost was first introduced in 2017 to elevate the number times a profile was viewed by potential matches. The company claims that after the latest update, a profile will now get a massive 9x more views.

It also allows users to send free gifts to one another, which further increases the chance of matching and interacting in the resulting conversations.

Additionally, the waiting time for a profile to be boosted has dropped to just 30 minutes. A Super Boost is also now available, which will let a user jump the queue completely and have their profile boosted immediately.

A statement from Paktor explains: “Paktor is constantly optimising its app features to enhance the user experience for all users.”

The Singaporean-based dating app also provided an update on how well Photo Picks has been received by consumers. The feature allows singles to rate other people’s pictures.

They get alerted by a notification when a picture has been rated. Paktor says: “This serves as a great conversation starter with parties who have shown interest in their photos.”

According to a survey conducted by Paktor, 59% of users chose Photo Picks as their favourite feature on the app.

The company has also revealed that it is testing out a new mechanism for Photo Picks, which should improve the overall quality of the feature.

Visit the Paktor website here.