Peanut has Recently Launched in Atlanta

Michelle Kennedy

The ‘Tinder for Moms’ app, Peanut, has recently launched in Atlanta.

Peanut was developed by a mum, Michelle Kennedy, to help other mums to connect with the touch of a button.

The app uses Facebook and Google profiles to introduce mums who are looking to expand their own network.

It uses interests, location and more to curate content, and does not use or share users’ data with advertisers.

CEO Michelle Kennedy also told 11Alive: “We take user privacy and safety extremely seriously at Peanut. For that reason, we do not share personal data. We provide for certain exclusions to this in our policy when thinking about safety, or third party providers for the purpose of storage, for example, but we use all relevant encryption and security measures to prevent sharing of personal data.”

Peanut is aimed at helping women schedule play dates, schedule meetups and ask for anonymous advice on motherhood and more.

On the app launching in Atlanta, Dr. Lydia Odenat, a licensed Atlanta psychologist, said: “Despite the joys of motherhood, many moms feel socially isolated.

“Especially in a city like Atlanta where most live in communities like little islands. We have neighbours, other women who are around the corner who have the same interest and have the same needs and also craving some adult attention.”

She added: “This is the day and age that we live in. Technology is a huge part of our lives. The connections are the same, your values are the same. It’s just using a different platform to connect.”

According to the company, Peanut has gained more than 300,000 users across launch cities in the U.S., with more than 19 million swipes.

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