Renate Nyborg Predicts “the Slow Death of Dating Apps”

In a new interview, Renate Nyborg shares why online dating and mass social media is set to decline. The former Tinder CEO explains how people are increasingly forming close connections in their community, and how her new platform Meeno is a part of this shift.

The decline of online dating

In a new podcast discussion with Euronews, Nyborg is asked for a “wild prediction” for the future. She states that we can expect the “slow death of dating apps and mass social media”.

The former Tinder CEO explains that people, especially Gen Z, are increasingly forming close connections through their local community and friendship group. Oftentimes, romantic relationships among Gen Z start as friendships first, she highlights.

This trend is the opposite of online dating, which connects two strangers together. Nyborg says that there will always be a place for dating platforms, but that interest is stronger among Millennials who witnessed the rise of the internet.

Technology as a cure for loneliness

Looking ahead, Nyborg warns that the challenge of loneliness is an existential threat to humanity, alongside the climate crisis. 

Despite her doubts over online dating, she does make clear that technology will have a key role to play in combating loneliness. Combining the potential of technology with the need for social connections, she founded the platform Meeno.

AI & Meeno

Nyborg is asked about the features and philosophy behind her platform Meeno. She explains that the AI-powered platform helps to educate and prepare users for deeper real life connections.

Describing the user journey on Meeno as a “choose your own adventure”, Nyborg highlights that it can help users with relationships, friendships, and more. This ‘virtual mentor’ will be able to help users practice empathetic conversations, as one example of its practical applications.

While technology has its benefits, there are also downsides. The development of AI could risk that some individuals will forgo real relationships and adopt AI companions instead, something “we should counteract”, Nyborg says.

Technology must also be work alongside society-wide changes, including the restoration and improvement of public spaces where people feel safe forming connections IRL, she emphasised.

Listen to Renate Nyborg’s full discussion with Euronews here. 

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