Report From Aisle Shows Indian Women are Committed to Dating in 2021

Aisle, one of India’s most popular dating platforms, has published new data showing how more and more women in the country are feeling comfortable using online dating services.

It saw a 40% increase in installs from women during the first half of 2021, compared to the same period last year. As a ‘high-intent’ dating app, Aisle aims to be better suited to local singles, compared to those that facilitate more casual encounters.

There has also been an exponential 300% increase in ‘Invites’ sent by women, showing they are looking to take control.

Unsurprisingly, women are 50% more likely to match with verified profiles, indicating they want to be certain they’re connecting with people who are honest and open.

Aisle released its new ‘Settle Down’ feature in May. The update makes it easier for users to show off how serious they are about finding a committed relationship and how soon they’re looking to settle down.

Founder and CEO Able Joseph explained at the time: “In India, the trajectory of a successful relationship is for it to culminate in a marriage. Aisle has always been an enabler for long term relationships and with ‘Settle Down’ we wanted to converge the gap between modern dating and matrimony.”

In the two months since the feature was launched, 50% of women have shown that they want to be committed within the year, compared to 38% of men.

However, the pandemic led to the majority of users not considering proximity as a priority, which has the potential to cause issues as the relationship gets more serious. 86% of women have matched with someone who isn’t in the same geographical location since the beginning of 2020.

Visit the Aisle website here.