Rescuer App Helps Android Users Silently Stay Safe

Rescuer is a new safety alert app that allows users to send emergency messages if they find themselves in danger.

When activated, Rescuer will send an alert containing pictures, audio and a GPS location to pre-designated emergency contacts.

The app has four features, two of which can be used hands free.

  1. Voice Recognition: A customised key phrase said aloud will trigger Rescuer into sending an alert.
  2. Volume Button Toggle: The phone’s volume buttons can be pressed in a short pattern to send a message.  
  3. Remote Location Tracking: Emergency contacts can text a personalised code to Rescuer and they will receive a live location and safety status.
  4. Help Button: A red help widget can be installed on the phone’s home screen, which will activate the app.

App creator, Ruchir Baronia, told Global Dating Insights: “This app is the first of its kind to automatically send emergency messages without the user even having to touch their phone.

“The app is gaining popularity amongst women on college campuses, who can use Rescuer to silently alert friends to unsafe or uncomfortable encounters before they escalate.”

Rescuer is available for free on the Google Play Store, but there are some premium features available.

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