RichMeetBeautiful in Belgian Court Case

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Digisec Media Limited Sprl, the company which owns RichMeetBeautiful, will defend its advertising practices in Belgian court this week.

The sugar dating platform advertised on mobile billboards around the Free University of Brussels in September 2017.

Campaigns featured slogans such as “Improve your lifestyle, go out with a sugar daddy” and “Zero euro student loan? Date a sugar daddy”.

A government official said at the time: “This scandalous and alarming publicity demonstrates that this site encourages the prostitution of young female students.

“The masks fall in relation to those ‘sugar-dating practices’ that have been causing concern for a while.”

The site stands accused of: 1) Sexual immorality or prostitution of others, 2) Publicity encouraging sexual immorality or prostitution of others, and 3) Breaching the law relating to the fight against sexism in public.

Last March, Belgian courts reportedly ordered that the site was to be blocked by Belgian ISPs.

Another sugar dating site, Sugarbook, recently hosted a party at the Singapore Grand Prix. The Singapore Tourism Board initially marketed the event, but withdrew its support after discovering the nature of the service.

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Scott Harvey

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