Studies Show Users Adopt ‘Rejection Mindset’ After 50 Swipes

In online dating, users tend to ask themselves “why shouldn’t I date this potential match?”, rather than looking at the reasons they should. A new study explores this ‘rejection mindset’ and what dating platforms can do to address it. 

On dating platforms where users are shown many different profiles, the rejection mindset is adopted to look for ways to narrow down the list of potential partners. A recent article Psychology Today shares that approximately 20 to 50 options is the ideal number to avoid this.

A study presented a group of heterosexual singles with 45 potential partners, and another group with 90 potential partners, asking them to like or reject them. The findings showed that participants shown too many options were more likely to reject them.

In this rejection mindset, the last person on the list of potential matches was on average 27% less liked when compared to the first person in the list.

The article concludes “So, when dating online, it seems beneficial to limit the number of profiles you review within a single sitting. After all, research suggests optimistic scrolling may turn to doom scrolling after about 50 people’s profiles”. 

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