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Subscription Service Changes Coming to Meetup: Members+

Meetup, the popular eventing organising platform is innovating on its subscription service for its members. Member+ will soon allow users to personalise their profiles more, get extra info about events and their attendees, and have an ad free experience. The new Member+ service will launch on July 30, and will cost members £3.49 a month.

Meetup is launching its revamped service aptly on International Friendship Day on 30 July. The rationale behind that, is that the new subscription will enhance the platform’s ability to be a place not to just find interesting events to attend, but a place to forge new friendships and connections with like minded people. 

Through the Member+ subscription, you will have more insights and information about other attendees at an event, such as their age, gender and interest. But it will also make it easier to see who from the event is going for the first time and what attendees are looking for from the event, whether it be professional networking, socialising, or if they are there purely to practise their hobby.

The new enhanced profile pages that Member+ subscribers will have access to will make messaging and connection between such members easier and more fluid, says Meetup. 

Meetup currently already has subscription models, mainly targeted at those organising events. It’s a smart and fascinating step the company is taking to monetise the other, and bigger, user base on the site, those who attend events. A lot of people, especially when looking to make new friends, find it easier to do so under the guise of finding a shared interest. A ramped up membership aspect to Meetup could be appealing to those trying to flourish new friendships. Or simply appealing to those who hate ads. 

Meetup is launching a host of content in the lead up to the launch on the 30th including blogs and seminars and workshops.

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