The Meet Group Launches One-on-One Livestreaming with ‘Quick’


The Meet Group has announced the launch of Quick, a new one-on-one live video chat feature, on its MeetMe mobile application in the United States.

Quick will see users matched for free chats, with the option to upgrade and only match with users of a specific gender.

Video gifting features have also been integrated with Quick, offering another avenue for monetisation on The Meet Group’s streaming services.

“We are thrilled to bring Quick to our MeetMe users,” said Geoff Cook, CEO of The Meet Group.

“In addition to being our most requested feature, Quick marks a significant step in video enabling more of our app, while also delivering on our mission to meet the universal need for human connection.

“We hope to see Quick contribute to our growing video monetization, which now exceeds $42 million annualized, based on the last 30 days of video revenue.”

The recent GDI Editorial ‘Will Tomorrow’s Singles Swipe or Stream?’ noted that video integrated dating sites are monetising effectively, but argued that they may struggle to brand themselves as out-and-out dating platforms if one-to-many streaming is central to their offering.

The new feature, particularly with the addition of a paid gender filter, helps shift the functionality back towards one-to-one connection.

Cook continued: “We believe livestreaming video is powerful and enables our audience to connect with each other like never before. We’ve seen MOMO successfully pair livestreaming with dating in China, and since 2016, we’ve been bringing this model to Western audiences, first in the U.S. with MeetMe, Tagged, and Skout, and then to Europe with LOVOO.

“Today’s announcement is a significant step down that same path. We’ve seen the Quick model work successfully abroad, and we believe its one-on-one communication capability will be an important complement to the one-to-many solution we’ve already built.”

Quick will first roll out to MeetMe users, before being added to Skout later this year. Cook concludes: “We believe that our pipeline of new video products and features will continue to attract and engage more of our global user base. We are excited to bring what we view as a transformative video product to our community, and are excited about the pipeline of video products to come.”

The Meet Group are set to appear at the GDI London Dating Conference on 27th September. Tickets are available here!


Scott Harvey

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