Tinder Complaints Revealed by FOI Request


A Freedom of Information request has revealed the text of a large number of Tinder complaints.

The request, submitted by Curtis Waltman, asked for every complaint submitted since January 2012 to be disclosed.

The US Federal Trade Commission was able to locate 71 complaints, 69 of which were fit for disclosure.

Consumer grievances mostly centred around the prevalence of scam accounts on the site, with over 40 ‘military scams’ showing up in the data. A typical example reads:

Consumer states that she met someone on a website named Tinder, consumer states that she met someone and rapidly was then asking for iTunes cards stating that he was a soldier in iraq, consumer states that she was asked to sent him $621 dollars, consumer states that the money was going to be for clearance for the military, consumer states that she did not pay this money. Consumer before this was asking for $115 dollars for iTunes cards, consumer states that she did sent that money (sic).’

9 consumers complained about spam, most notably of a pornographic bent. 4 were upset with the customer care itself, and 2 had problems with the technology. The difficulty of deleting one’s account also featured.

Harassment barely featured in the data obtained by the request, though the extent to which the list is comprehensive is unclear.

UPDATE: This article concerns complaints made directly to the US Federal Trade Commission.