Users Are More Likely To Get A Date If They Use The Correct Grammar, Research Concludes

New research has discovered that users who type with correct grammar are more likely to be successful with getting a date.

The survey, which was conducted by dating service TrueView, discovered that 68% are more likely to get a date if they use full sentences and correct punctuation.

The survey also found out that users are 45% more likely to receive a reply on a dating app if they write a personal message.

For example, TrueView recommended complimenting someone’s profile instead of the classic “Hey, how are you?”.

The company also said that online dating is past the MSN times where users were to use terms such as “M8” and “bbz”.

The research also discovered that Brits are 66% more likely to receive a message back if they don’t use explicit language.

The news comes shortly after Tinder’s launch of theĀ Reaction feature, which allows users to reply with full-screen flirty animations, including laughing faces, hearts or a big red cross.

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