TrafficStars Launches Brand New Mobile Postitial Format

TrafficStars has announced the launch of a new advertising format, called the Mobile Postitial.

It has been introduced to help advertisers and publishers comply with Google’s Better Ads Standards.

The new mobile ad spot is a 300×250 banner ad which can be seen between two pages of content – staying visible when a user navigates away from a landing page.

Users can immediately dismiss the ad, aligning it with Google’s better advertising standards by providing a non-intrusive experience.

TrafficStars Managing Director Peter Rabenseifner said: “We’re happy to provide pioneering forms of advertising for our advertisers and publishers and even more variety in our ever-growing inventory.”

He added: “We’re committed to helping publishers maintain their revenues while providing positive experiences to their users – as well as providing sustainable alternatives to our advertisers. At TrafficStars, we believe this is another step in the direction towards a cleaner and more user-friendly future in the advertising industry.”

Read more on Traffic Stars’ website here.