The Three Biggest Holders of Momo Stock

Post Analyst has outlined the three institutional investors holding the most Momo stock (NASDAQ:MOMO).

Institutional investors currently own around $3.01 billion in stock, or 54.6% of Momo.

BT Investment Management Ltd, the largest holder, owns $295.77 million in Momo Inc. (approximately 4% of the company’s market cap).

The Australian firm was formed in 2007 by Rothschild Australia Asset Management, Westpac Investment Management and the BT Financial Group.

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, the second largest, owns 5,000,000 shares, or $194.3 million worth of stock.

A reputable Chinese multinational, Alibaba was valued at over $500 billion at the start of this year.

The third largest is Prime Capital Management Co Ltd, which currently holds $192.13 million or 2.7% of the market cap.

Prime is described by the Financial Times as “the most successful, oldest and biggest hedge fund that almost no one has ever heard of”.

Total institutional holdings of Momo stock stands at 77,503,050 shares according to SEC filings.

The stock is performing well following the recent acquisition of Tantan, gaining over 60% from a year low of $22.49.

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