Match Group Insiders Selling Rather Than Buying Stock

Simply Wall St has published a short analysis of insider buying and selling at Match Group.

If board members and other insiders are buying shares of their company, this typically indicates that they expect its share price to rise. Conversely, if insiders are selling their stock, they may be predicting a fall in value.

Insiders are required to disclose any such transactions, as they are privy to more information about their company than the general public.

The general trend appears to be one of insider selling. According to NASDAQ, there have been 28 insider sales and 9 buys in the past 12 months.

Former Tinder CEO Greg Blatt, for example, has sold $18 million worth of shares at $39.71 per share; 30% of his holdings.

Current Match CEO Mandy Ginsberg sold 63% of her stock in August for a total of $5.3 million.

CFO Gary Swidler, board member Ann McDaniel and President Sharmistha Dubey have also recently made sales.

Insiders own approximately 1% of Match Group. Institutions own some 26%, while public companies including IAC own the remainder.

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