The Wall Street Journal Profiles Elie Seidman’s Advisors

The Wall Street Journal has profiled four of Elie Seidman’s most trusted advisors.

The Tinder CEO admitted he welcomes constructive criticism, especially from people he knows are good listeners, but doesn’t act on every piece of advice that he receives. He also likes to take guidance from executives from sectors that differ from his own.

Seidman said to The Wall Street Journal: “I’ve spent most of my life in companies that are startups, but I’m interested in the perspective of people who have spent a lot of their life at very big organizations.”

The first advisor is Allen Kay, a retired partner from advertising firm Korey Kay & Partners. He regularly offers advice on branding and helps Tinder clearly communicate its ideas.

Tinder’s key demographic is 18 – 25 year-olds, so the CEO often talks to former colleague Nick Hammerschlag, who now works in education consultancy. Seidman explained to The Wall Street Journal: “There’s a lot of value in being close to the customer and always trying to channel that.”

Jocelyn Goldfein has worked at some of California’s most prolific technology and software companies and aids in a variety of areas such as management, engineering and product.

Finally, James Bennett is the CEO of Midcon Midstream LP, a global oil company. Seidman finds his input on how to manage a large, multicultural workforce extremely valuable.

Elie Seidman recently spoke to Fast Company for a ‘Day in the Life’ interview, wherein he explained his daily goals and how he likes to unwind.

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