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WLD Sees Huge +139% Increase in Member Introductions

White Label Dating sees +139% increase in member introduction submissions following brand new engagement campaigns

This month, our member engagement team have been working hard to enhance the quality and quantity of on-site engagement campaigns to drive member activity and boost partner’s revenues. The broadening of campaigns is part of our ongoing commitment to improving platform performance, helping to upgrade, engage and retain members.

These engagement campaigns allow us to encourage activity through, for example, photo uploads and profile completions. Last week our focus was on resetting introductions. In recent months we’ve seen huge activity spikes as a result of introduction resets and last week was no exception. We saw a massive +139% increase in introduction submissions versus the previous week.

Other popular campaigns have been our photo upload prompts. People who upload a photo are 4 x more likely to upgrade, and the volume of female photos on the casual network correlates strongly with uplifts in conversion.

As well as resetting introductions and promoting photo uploads, the team have been increasing activity through targeting lapsed members with offers. This campaign targets members after they have downgraded to a free membership and offers them a discounted price to upgrade again, ensuring they re-enter the billing cycle.

We have also decreased cancellation requests by -3% over the weekend vs the previous weekend. We did this by showing engagement campaigns throughout the cancellation wizard steps. When members are shown what they’ll be missing if they leave, they’ll want to stay!

We’re excited to see the results of upcoming campaigns as we head further into June.

For more information about our recent engagement campaigns contact your account manager or reach out to partnersupport@whitelabeldating.com today.

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