Apple Unveils Developer Content Hub App

Apple has announced that it will be transforming its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) app into a complete content hub for its developer community.

The platform will feature four sections, the first of which, “Discover”, will contain news and information. “Videos” will host more than 600 pieces of educational and instructional content.

A third section named “WWDC” lists event attendees for the annual San Jose conference, while the final “Account” tab provides access to options and settings. Over time, the app is likely to contain additions like the popular Apple Developer Forums.

Screenshots show guides to improving product pages, downloadable WWDC sessions including “The Qualities of Great Design”, tips on running apps across iPad and Mac, and the ability to enrol in the Apple Developer Program.

Apple is currently making a concerted effort to grow its network of app developers. The tech giant has invested in a number of localised projects to bring more people into the fold, opening facilities in countries including Indonesia and Brazil.

In the UK, the developer base grew around 40% over the course of 2019. The Apple Developer app is the latest move designed to complement the growth.

In September, Apple introduced a ‘grace period’ to allow developers of subscription-based apps to keep customers in the event a payment issue interfered with monthly billing.

The update gave 16 days for payment to be collected, during which the user would retain access to any premium features.

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