Badoo Launches Cartoon Campaign #TakeThePressureOff

Badoo has teamed up with professional artists to offer tips on dating in isolation, and how to make the most of features such as video chats.

The advice is part of the #TakeThePressureOff campaign, designed to make singles feel more accustomed to dating during the time of widespread lockdown. 

Daters have had to adapt to new normal methods of communicating and meeting people, as well as ways to keep existing relationships going when they can’t see each other.

Dating channels across the industry have tried to ease the hardship on singles by introducing new video dating features. However, Badoo users have been able to take part in one-to-one video calls since May 2018.

Bobbi Rae, one of the artists depicting the changing dating landscape for Badoo, said in a statement: “Video calls have been a big adaptation for me. I really wasn’t comfortable with them before all of this, but then they became kind of essential. 

“Being able to see someone ‘face to face’ has really helped to ground me through all of this. They’ve been a total lifeline, since initially, I was feeling really, really anxious about – well, everything. 

“Once I started dipping my toes into the alternate universe where you have to look at your own face every time you take a call, I started to realise that the biggest reason I had avoided it was because of all the pressure to present yourself in flattering lighting, get the right angle, and MY GOD never reveal your under-chin.”

“But I’m not too keen on the normalisation of having to present yourself like a panto character every time you take a video call. Everyone’s at home, everyone’s in their joggers. I think it’s a great opportunity to be real with one another – and learn to embrace that chin angle!”

New cartoons from different artists are being released each week on Badoo’s Instagram page. Last week’s update came from ‘Dom & Ink’ and looked at how people can deal with the issue of dating while in isolation.

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