Badoo Psychologist Speaks to Business Insider

Claire Stott, a relationship psychologist and data analyst at Badoo, has spoken to Business Insider about the challenges of modern dating.

She warns that a lot of singles date multiple people at once, so it’s worth being careful about how attached you get early on.

“Just look at it as an opportunity to get to know someone,” Stott said. “That is ultimately what dating is — you’re getting to know that person, and finding out whether they’re compatible for you.”

On questioning whether your partner is on dating apps, it’s best to leave them be and just wait and see whether the relationship develops.

Focusing on someone else’s online behaviour can be unhealthy and cause unnecessary division according to Stott.

She says: “Try and take what they’re saying on face value. If they’re saying I do actually really like you, let’s see what happens, and if your gut is saying they’re being honest with you, then fine.”

There is plenty to be excited about with regards to modern dating, however – Stott feels it is very easy to meet people and take up opportunities for connection.

Daters should approach the scene with a positive mindset, she argues.

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Scott Harvey

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