GlobalWebIndex Report Explores Device Ownership

Analysts from GlobalWebIndex have released a report investigating the trends of device ownership and usage from the last few years.

It is the tech marketing company’s flagship report and gives an insight into how consumers are using the plethora of available devices to access the internet.

The first section covers which devices are owned by internet users and how the numbers vary by region and age.

Since the start of 2015, smartphone ownership in the 33 countries studied has increased from 79% to 95%, despite Apple seeing fewer sales than expected of the iPhone X and its variants (the tech giant’s revenue continues to increase due to a clever pricing strategy, and various options for colors, sizes and storage.)

Smartphones overtook PCs/Laptops as the most popular device towards the end of 2015. 74% of internet users now own a PC/Laptop, compared to the 89% that did when tracking first began.

Despite enjoying an initial peak, the number of tablet owners has slowly fallen and now sits at just 38%.

Smartphones hold a considerable lead over PCs/Laptops in the Asian (96% vs 71%), South American (97% vs 75%) and African (97% vs 48%) markets.

There is no continental regional market where PC/Laptop ownership outweighs smartphones. Germany is the only country where smartphones have not yet overtaken laptops, but the figures are currently level at 91%.

As part of the report, GlobalWebIndex interviewed over 110,000 internet users, aged 16 – 64, to find out how many pieces of hardware they owned. Currently, the average consumer owns 3.4 internet-connected devices, and the 25 – 34 range posted the highest figure, with an average of 3.6.

GDI will publish another article covering the ‘Device Usage’ section of the GlobalWebIndex report on Friday.

Read the full report here.

Dominic Whitlock

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