Honeypot’s Blackboard, Whiteboard and Cardboard Marketing Reaps Rewards

Honeypot, a London-based industry startup pioneering the concept of ‘micro-dating’, has continued to impress in recent weeks with a series of budget guerrilla marketing campaigns.

The app’s creatives caught the attention of more than 21,000 Instagram users with their first street activation, a whiteboard calling out a “cheating boyfriend”, in early August.

They followed this up by having Co-Founder George Rawlings tour the city wearing a sandwich board emblazoned with a similar message.

He estimates that the number of downloads gleaned from the £2.65 promotion equated to roughly £9,500 in online marketing spend.

Honeypot’s third effort saw the entrepreneurs fake a public marriage proposal. A blackboard encouraged passers-by to tag an ‘Emma Fox’ on social media saying “YES”.

Rawlings said: “We’re trying our very best to make noise in unconventional means in order to get London’s new dating app, Honeypot, noticed.

“We’d love to be able to run slick digital ad campaigns but this just not feasible right now… in time. 

“To get our brand and message heard we HAVE to make the public our voice – the most effective influencers of them all.”

Visit the Honeypot website here.