Limited Tests Show Instagram Stories on Facebook

Facebook has started to test a new update that allows users to watch their friends’ Instagram Stories within the parent social networking app.

It has previously been possible to post identical Stories on both platforms, but this potential update is an even more obvious way to integrate the increasingly popular Instagram into Facebook.

Facebook friends will not be able to view the republished Stories unless they follow the creator on Instagram. This is to ensure that individuals still maintain their privacy while also encouraging connectivity with as many people as possible.

Viewers can also clearly see which platform the content was originally uploaded to. Blue rings represent Facebook, while Instagram is indicated by its traditional orange and pink colour scheme.

A spokesperson for the social media giant told The Verge the test is very limited at the stage and is being conducted with privacy as a priority. Users can choose to stop the cross-sharing of their Stories.

Last month, Facebook began the process of merging the Instagram direct messages with Messenger, allowing users to contact separate friends without eternally switching between services.

This is part of an older plan to create one intertwined messaging network that could also include WhatsApp in the future.

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